Micro-processing; micro-compounding and shaping of R&D test samples

More flexibility, smaller batch size, better processing control, faster formulation development, thus lower costs

We have been at the forefront of innovation in our industry from the early development of our efficient micro-compounding and -processing platform for material development to the smallest micro-extruder in the world, to lower your costs and save your time. Today, leading R&D facilities in polymer research and drug development worldwide use our high precision instruments to shorten their development times, lower their costs and explore more new breakthroughs in materials, hot melt extrusion and shaping technologies.

Produce the same data 10 times faster, more than 10 times more cost-effectively

Our specialized and unique instruments include tabletop twin-screw micro-compounders, injection molders, cast film lines, fiber spinning and conditioning lines, dedicated for producing relevant and reliable test samples with these small volumes. They save you much time and money in your R&D developments. Our micro-compounders allow small batches between 2 ml and 15 ml of material and produce a well mixed sample within 4 minutes. Hence you generate the same data up to 10 times faster and more than 10 times more cost-effectively than with a conventional extruder.

Get fast, flexible, cost-effective and reliable test results with our instruments

Based on our long experience in materials science, health and nutrition and in instrument design, we provide unique and practical solutions to meet your laboratory R&D challenges. They help you quickly produce samples with less sample material, while giving you more flexibility to carry out diverse tests. Users in R&D screening environments can easily and quickly produce high quality samples on them with only very small sample volumes.

Streamline your R&D testing

Because every R&D situation is unique, we provide additional options to customize your instrumentation to your specific needs. Our application support helps you further streamline your R&D testing. Advanced control and acquisition software generates reproducible samples and data that are representative for your industrial scale processes. You can generate virtually unlimited variations of sample compositions to get optimum results. Our instruments can offer you very small volumes (down to 2 ml), very high torque, very easy to clean, fast switching between experiments, no cross contamination, 3 temperature zones, in situ measurement and control of temperature and of the melt rheological data, also in continuous mode and a maximum operating temperature of 420°C. *).


Micro compounder 5 ml: MC 5

Micro compounder 15 ml

Micro compounder 15 ml HT

Injection moulder 5.5 ml: IM 5.5

Injection moulder 12 ml: IM 12

Micro cast film line 35 mm

Pharma cast film line 50 mm, GMP compliant

Micro cast film line 65 mm

Micro cast film pro line

Micro fiber line

Double winder line

Lignin fiber line

Pharma melt extruders (HME): PME 5 and PME 2