3D X-Ray tomography systems

X-Ray systems manufacturer and part inspection service provider, RX Solutions is a highly innovative French company specialized in manufacturing and selling complete X-ray imaging systems. RX Solutions X-ray and CT (Computed Tomography) systems are widely used for industrial and research applications as well as recognized for their high precision and innovative technology.

Whether for quality control, examination of a component or solving design problems, customers are both manufacturers from all sectors or laboratories and research centers. His particular expertise is recognized in plastic injection, electronics, automotive, watches, aerospace, biomedical, oil and gas. RX Solutions designs, manufactures and support one of the broadest range of high performance CT systems, from micro to nano scale analyses. This product portfolio covers all the industrial applications such as R&D, failure analysis, quality control, dimensional measurements, metrology and more. Our CT systems are of the highest quality and allows to inspect both the external and internal structures of a part or object in a non-destructive way.

RX Solutions CT systems are very easy to operate to fit perfectly the specific customer’s requirements.


EasyTom S


EasyTom XL