Through METRAVIB, ACOEM Provides laboratories and the industrial sector with instruments for the characterization of the mechanical properties of materials using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA).

With its strong capacity for innovation and Its renowned expertise in structural analysis, vibration measurements and physics of materials, METRAVIB has developed a unique dynamic mechanical analyzers of ranks. These multi-function instruments Accurately measure the mechanical properties and, in Particular, the visco-elastic properties of materials. METRAVIB dynamic mechanical analysis instruments measure changes in aussi thesis properties versus temperature, excitation frequency and Imposed strains.


  • Low Force DMA: Up to +/-25N, +/-50N Frequency: 0.00001Hz-200Hz.
  • High Force DMA: 300N, 1000N, 2000N (Peak to Peak)
  • Automated System For DMA+
  • Frequency: 0.00001Hz to 1000Hz.
  • Very High Frequency (VHF) DMA : 100Hz to 10KHz
  • Testing Modes : Bending, Shear, Tension, Compression, TMA, Static Tests, Creep, Relaxation)