ITT – 1

ITT – 1

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ITT – 1

The Economic Tire Test System

ITT-1 The compact system with integrated components, single sided loader/ unloader is the perfect solution for the offline inspection of tires and carcasses. The ITT-1 is able to inspect small to medium capacities efficiently, requiring only little space. For tire manufacturers, retreaders and research laboratories it is the cost-saving solution for the inspection of carcasses, retreaded tires and new tires.

Automatic inspection procedure. Defined testing programs, which are optionally addressable by barcode, ensure secure testing of all tire sizes. With the easily operated software, the high image resolution and real time processing, defects are displayed, archived and documented fast and easily. Also through semi-skilled personnel.

Low costs and short cycles. The automated testing process of ITT-1 is extremely economical, because of low investment and operating costs, small space requirements and short cycle times. Even faster operations are permitted by the inline -version of ITT-1 with conveyor system.


Time phase shift, single- and multihead * , scaledd is play of results


Crow n and sidewall (turn over for bead to bead inspection)


Separation in the belt edge, liner, repairs , patch, corrosion, broken radial wire, undercure


Overview of all scans , single scans , display of results and video for all views