Innovative instruments for the Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of the viscoelastic properties of materials (elastomers, polymers, composites materials) :

Young modulus , Shear modulus dynamic viscosity and their dependence to temperature, excitation frequency, strain, time, ..

Low Force DMA: Up to +/-25N, +/-50N

Frequency: 0.00001Hz-200Hz.

High Force DMA: 300N, 1000N, 2000N (Peak to Peak)

Frequency: 0.00001Hz to 1000Hz.

Very High Frequency (VHF) DMA : 100Hz to 10KHz(bending, shear, tension, compression,TMA and static tests – creep, relaxation)

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Tire test machine from Passenger Car to Truck Tire

Endurance Test Machine

Wear Test Machine

High Speed Test Machine

Rolling Resistance Test Machine

Force and Moment Test Machine

Universal Tire Test Machine

Stiffness Test Machine

Bead Unseating Test Machine

Plunger Test Machine

Uniformity Test Machine

Special Test Machines on customer requirements

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Opto Electronic Testing Equipment (Shearography System) for Tyres, for production and R&D

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Mooney Viscometer

Oscillating Disc and Moving Die Rheometer

Tensile Tester

Hardness Tester Shore A, D, IRHD, Micro IRHD

TR Test & Brittleness Point

Ozone Chamber, Density Meter

Shore A/D Durometer

Manual Die Cutter

Volumetric Die Cutter

De Matia Flexon Tester

Laboratory Press

Rebound Tester

Abrasion Tester

Direct Density Reader, etc.

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Fast, Accurate Testing

No Sample Preparation

Highly Flexible

Wide Temperature Range

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Pushrod dilatometry is a method for characterizing dimensional changes of a material as a function of temperature. The measurement may be performed across a temperature range (e.g. from 800° to 1,600°C), or a specific controlled temperature program to mimic industrial processes, firing regimes, or a material’s operating environment. The coefficient of thermal expansion (α) is defined as the degree of expansion (ΔL) divided by the change in temperature (ΔT).

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