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Pushrod dilatometry is a method for characterizing dimensional changes of a material as a function of temperature. The measurement may be performed across a temperature range (e.g. from 800° to 1,600°C), or a specific controlled temperature program to mimic industrial processes, firing regimes, or a material’s operating environment. The coefficient of thermal expansion (α) is defined as the degree of expansion (ΔL) divided by the change in temperature (ΔT).

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GBPI founded in 2002 is engaged in research, development and production of packaging machinery and test instrumentS for packaging material. GBPI are ISO 9001, certified.

GBPI Products Include

• Gas/Oxygen/Water Vapour Transmission Rate Tester

• Tensile Tester

• Gas Chromatograph

• Heat Seal Tester

• Coefficient of Friction Tester

• Leakage Tester

• Impact Tester for Films

• Dart Tester for Films

• Compression Tester Elemedorff Tear Tester thickness, heat shrink haze meter

so on, widely used in packaging, plastic film, food, pharmaceuticals, personal care industries, inspection agency, research institute, college and so on. Our instruments meet the international standards GB, ISO, ASTM, YBB, DIN, JIS and so on. Research and Development

GBPI value innovation and have powerful R&D team. GBPI spare no effort to develop new products and improve our existing products. GBPI obtained more than 60 technological and product patents and over 90 software copyrights. Over many years' development, GBPI already take the lead in the industry of the world.