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OZM Research is a knowledge-based company formed by experienced explosives scientists and engineers with advanced academic degrees in this very special branch of chemical engineering.

The company core business consists of testing instruments, technologies and expert services for energetic materials (explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, ammunition). The company is licensed in full scale for activities with explosive materials and ammunition, as well as for foreign trade with these military materials.

Testing Instruments

OZM Research is a leading manufacturer of special instruments for testing of energetic materials. The manufactured instruments cover testing of stability and compatibility, sensitivity (sensitiveness) and explosive performance of energetics in various testing programs.

Detonation Chambers

Industrial detonation chambers resistant against repeated detonations with equivalent of 0.2 16 kg TNT as a part of a manufacturing process (e.g. ammunition demilitarization, explosive metalworking, quality testing) and service life of 104 105 detonations are technologies well serving several our industrial clients. Laboratory detonation chambers are similar products developed especially for scientific experiments, research work and testing in explosives laboratories.

Explosion Resistant Containers

Explosion resistant containers serve for safe transport and storage of highly sensitive explosive samples, improvised explosive devices (IED) and unexploded ordnance (UXO). These products also include modular magazines for explosives minimizing necessary safety distances, reinforced mobile magazines for fireworks, mobile stores for explosives and ammunition or mobile bunkers for dangerous operations with explosives or ammunition.

Ammunition Demilitarization Technologies

Mobile ammunition demilitarization technologies are designed for safe and environmentally friendly disposal of ammunition outside industrial facilities in places such as ammunition depots. Application of mobile demilitarization technologies eliminates costs and risks connected with transport of dangerous obsolete or unservisable ammunition for disposal.