FSKM 50-20K Bam Friction Sensitivity Test

DTA 551-EX Differential Thermal Analysis

The FSKM friction tester is used for determination of friction sensitivity (sensitiveness) of energetic materials and it is equipped with unique instrumental detection of sample activation.

Friction of explosives between hard surfaces is one of the most frequent causes of accidental explosions. Determination of friction sensitivity is thus a necessary part of characterization of new explosives, modified formulations or manufacturing conditions, as well as for defining influences of impurities or ageing.

BAM friction apparatus FSKM 50/20K is used for determination of friction sensitiveness of energetic materials solid primary and high explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics. Friction force between a moving porcelain plate and a static porcelain peg causing sample initiation is determined. Set of 13 weights supplied with the instrument allows to achieve friction forces in range of 0.5, 360 N, which is applicable both for sensitive primary explosives and less sensitive high explosives.

Sample initiation is visually detected as flash, smoke or cracking. Instrumental detection of sample initiation based on detection of decomposition gases (CO, NOx) from a sample is also available. Another unique feature of this instrument is a digitally controlled step motor with crank mechanism ensuring high precision of velocity and distance of the plate movement, with accuracy of 1 Aµm. These features allow to obtain highly representative and reproducible results, which are in agreement with practical experience from production, handling and transportation.