Cutting equipment with numeric control

Mecanumeric offers a new generation of CNC machines acclaimed by the industrial world. Its position is widely recognized in the following markets: rapid prototyping, signs, models and design, various 3D machining and engraving.

The manufacture of mechanical components requires a wide range of concepts and types of machine tools. Through its extensive range of CNC machine centers specialized in milling and cutting, MECANUMERIC provides the appropriate technical solution for each application.

In response to a significant range of needs, MECANUMERIC pursues the objective to boost the efficiency of your machine tools with high precision mechanical components.

The rigor and precision of the machine tools are available in a range where versatility and simplicity combine to optimum profitability:

– 3 axis cnc machine
– 4 axis cnc milling machine
– 5 axis cnc milling machine
– Waterjet cutting machine
– CNC laser cutting machine
– Shooting Equipment
– Thermoforming Equipment / Ovens
– Accessories and consumables

MECANUMERIC ensures monitoring and maintenance of all its products.


3 axis cnc machine

4 axis cnc milling machine

5 axis cnc milling machine

Waterjet cutting machine

CNC laser cutting machine

Compact industrial CN Lathe

Vaccum forming equipment