CEAST Model 9050 Impact Tester

CEAST Model 9050

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CEAST Model 9050 Impact Tester

CEAST 9050 Manual Model

This model is just as versatile as the motorized version, having many of the same options and conforming to many of the same standards. However, hammer repositioning on this system is done by hand, and the braking system is operated by the user. The hammer release, which is two-handed as standard, can be specified as pneumatic

CEAST 9050 Motorized Model

This version has a pneumatically operated hammer release and braking system as standard; hammer repositioning is executed by an on-board motor to enable faster throughput of results and make the system much easier to use, particularly when larger hammers are fitted. Additionally, a hold-up feature prevents the system striking unbroken specimens a second time during Izod tests.


⇒ASTM D256

⇒ISO 180

⇒ISO 179

⇒ASTM D6110

⇒ISO 8256

⇒DIN 53435

⇒BS 2782-359

⇒DIN 53453