CEAST MF Series Melt Flow Tester

CEAST MF 30 & 50

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CEAST MF 30 & 50

Overview of MF 50

The Instron CEAST MF50 multiweight Melt Flow Tester performs melt index tests according to MFR and MVR procedures that fully comply with ASTM D1238 procedures A, B, C, D, and ISO 1133 A and B, for single weight and multiple weight determinations in one test.The tilting barrel ensures easy cleaning and inspection, and compacting and purging functions can be supported by a unique load cell feature up to 750 N load. Automatic melt cutting and barell cleaning accessories are also available.

Overview of MF 20 & MF 30

The versatile CEAST MF20 and CEAST MF30 are single weight systems that are ideal for performing tests according to ISO 1133 and ASTM D1238 Procedures A, B, C. Compliant with ISO 1133-2 requirements, they can perform reliable tests on commodity materials, as well as on the most temperature- and moisture-sensitive special grade materials. Many different options are available: from primary test inspection to integrated test automation solutions.