Multi-Unit Automatic Hardness Testing System

CEAST Model 9350

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Multi-Unit Automatic Hardness Testing System


Multi-Unit Automatic hardness testing system has been designed for labs, which need to perform hardness tests according to different hardness scales.

The hardness testing unit to be used must be placed in the front position by rotating the top part of the support. The rotating system permits to interchange the test unit within a few seconds. No dismounting or re- placement of delicate parts and no specific training are required to per- form with full safety this operation. This solid technical solution is ideal even in the case that the change of unit must be done many times in the same day.

The solid construction of the instrument, the high quality sensors and the lifting system with ball screw makes it ideal both for research purposes and for heavy-duty production control

Instrument Characteristics

The instrument can be configured according to the needs of the customer: up to 4 units can be mounted on the same support. The available hardness testing units are: Shore A, Shore D, Shore A0, Shore 00, IRHD-Micro, IRHD-Normal, IRHD-Hard, IRHD-Low.

The support of the unit is configured for the further installation of units in case free positions are available.

The Multi-Unit Automatic hardness testing system is composed by the following parts: mechanical structure, Rotating hardness testing unit support, Hardness testing units, Sample Holder with motor- controlled rotation , motor-controlled-Lifting System with ball screw, Electronic card.

All the parts, which compose the instrument, have been specifically designed for easy interchange in case of failure