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The aim of Gibitre Instruments S.r.l. is the development, production and marketing on world scale of a wide range of instruments for laboratory rubber and plastic testing.

The company provides maintenance and calibration after-sell services for the complete range of instruments produced.


The goal that the company wants to achieve is to improve the position of recognized technological partner for all issues related with control of rubber and polymers.

The tools for the persecution of the goal are:

Development of internal know-how by means of:

Cooperation agreements with key-customers

Participation to International test programs

Participation to technical commission for the development of international test standards

Improvement of the products by means of:

Progressive increase of the range of instruments and options offered

Continuous upgrade of the products to incorporate technological improvements and standard developments

Progressive production costs reduction to keep the present optimal ratio cost/ performance

Continuous improvement of the service by means of:

Progressive reduction of the delivery time for instruments and spare parts

Progressive reduction of the technical intervention time

Improvement of instrument construction to simplify maintenance

Development of innovative forms for technical assistance/calibration

Increase of the number of products included in the list of official ACCREDIA calibration