Automatic Stand-alone Hardness Units

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Automatic Stand-alone Hardness Units


Stand-alone automatic hardness units are independent hardness measurement devices designed for the execution of hardness tests according to a specific hardness scale. Stand-Alone automatic units have been designed to meet the requirements of research labs and for production control.

Instrument Characteristics

Available hardness scales are: Shore A, Shore D, Shore A0, Shore 00, IRHD-Micro, IRHD-Normal, IRHD-Hard, IRHD-Low.

The solid construction of the instrument, the high quality sensors, and the lifting system with ball screw makes them ideal both for research purposes and for heavy-duty pro- duction control.

Each Hardness Unit is composed by the following parts: mechanical structure, Testing Unit, Sample Holder with motor-controlled rotation, motor-controlled-Lifting System with ball screw, Electronic card

All the parts, which compose the instrument, have been specifically designed for easy interchange in case of failure.